In Samaria our goal is to build well-being by action. We want to work with people. To make this happen, different methods have been created. You are welcome to get acquainted with our work! Whether you are in a need of a helping hand, a supporter of our work or a cooperation partner, we are here for you!
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Samaria rf's Rose-project  operates with a vision of helping people subjected to human trafficking or sexual exploitation and empowering them to fully participate in society. The purpose is to help in their empowerment process women, girls, and their children who have survived crimes of human trafficking or sexual exploitation. The cornerstone of our work is comprehensive engagement in everyday situations and in questions regarding the mind, body, social life and spirituality. Although our focus is in helping people who have been sexually exploited, we also support victims of other types of human trafficking.


Human trafficking – one of the greatest human rights violations of our society


There’s a new victim of human trafficking every 30 seconds and 99% of the victims do not survive. Human trafficking is the fastest growing category of crime in today’s world and soon will surpass in magnitude even gun and drug smuggling.


Contact info:

Katriina Lehelmä

Project coordinator

Phone +358 50 382 5572


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Phone +358 10 2313 700

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