Abuse treatment

The Substance abuse treatment and rehabilitation in Samaria is based on an experience of over 50 years in the field of addictions, their reasons and their treatment. The reasons to do this are both professional and spiritual. The combination gives us an opportunity for a high-quality ethical know-how, because the ethical, mutually agreed upon decisions arise from a proven and acknowledged set of values.


is a holistic way of helping people with drug and alcohol problems. We see people as physical, phycological, social and spiritual entity, and it requires professionalism to reach all of those parts. Christianity itself doesn't bring professionalism to three first parts. That is why we have doctors, nurses and social workers in our team to make organized, proven work leaning to a long experience. 

Whether you are an authoritative or yourself in need of help, take contact and get acquainted with our work. We want to help people in different situations.