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"What matters is not the donation amount, but the heart that wants to help" 

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IBAN: FI06 4050 1020 0087 50

Reference numbers:
99901    Diaconal work
99914    Food Aid
99927    Support for the homeless
99930    Work against human trafficking (Rose Project)
99943    International work
99969    Kenia (Rose Project)
99956    Karen-tribe, Myanmar
99972    Ukraina
99817    Mobile Hospital Ukraine
99105    Where most needed

through PAYPAL: 

Diaconal work

Work against human trafficking (Rose-project)


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Fundraising lisence in Finland:
Conclusion of the Police authority: 12.12.2019
License number: RA/2019/1109
License is valid 1.1.2020 - 31.12.2024
in Finland, except for Ahvenanmaa.