a New Beginning for Survivors of Human Trafficking

The aim of Rose project is to assist survivors of human trafficking, to spread awareness about human trafficking domestically, and in the countries of origin.

As a part of Rose project we maintain housing service unit for women who have been trafficked. In Rose-home we provide safe living conditions and psychosocial support for the women and their children.

We also offer supported accommodation for both female and male survivors of human trafficking,


Rose Home

At Rose Home‭, ‬our safe house for survivors of‭ ‬trafficking‭, ‬we provide trauma-informed safe‭ ‬house services for victims of human trafficking‭. ‬This includes helping with activities of daily living‭, ‬providing transportation to medical and legal‭ ‬appointments‭, ‬and making a safe living environment‭. ‬

Our daily focus is to help those that have lived in fear and with a lack of safety begin a healing process‭. ‬This can be accomplished by providing a stable home with access to healthy foods and activity‭ ‬where they can tell of their difficulties without‭ ‬judgement‭. ‬As a home based on Christian values‭, ‬we seek to create an atmosphere that demonstrates the love of God and instills hope for the future‭. ‬


What We Do at Rose Project?

MISSION STATEMENT: We exist to provide holistic care in a safe place that empowers survivors of human trafficking to experience recovery, purpose in life, and full participation in society.

We also provide training, consultancy, and support to our partner organization CEPBU (Community of Pentecostal Churches) in Burundi, Africa who works at the grassroots level in the community to raise awareness and empowerthose most vulnerable to human trafficking. This consultancy may include training on identification of victims of trafficking, possible prevention methods, and how best to work with survivors of trauma.


You are invited to join with us in the fight against human trafficking 

The work we do is dependent on volunteers to‭ ‬help our main staff‭. ‬Volunteer work may be doing‭ ‬a weekend shift or teaching a painting class‭. ‬Volunteers are provided with training prior to work working in the home‭. ‬

Samaria rf (Rose Project)
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Fundraising lisence in Finland:
Conclusion of the Police authority: 12.12.2019
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License is valid 1.1.2020 - 31.12.2024
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