Samaria ry works daily to help nearly 500 people around Finland.

But we do need You. We have a dream to create a commity, that sees a person right where they are.

We need your prayer. We believe in Christian faith, and a God that has a purpose for everyone. We believe that Almighty God is not indifferent to your life, but He wants to help. Our employees, volunteers and customers need you prayer. Please be part of our prayer web and remember us regularly.

We need You.

In our community is over 100 registered volunteers, that are a soul of Samaria-work. Do you want to be a part of our community? Al kinds of volunteers needed!





We need you financial support.

To be able to target our actions effectively and widely, we need you support. Is in your heart marginalized young people, families suffering from drug or alcohol problems, human trafficked women or lonely elder? We support them around Finland. Come to our support group and make it possible to target our work there, where your heart aches.

We want to see. We want to help. Help us to help.