Hämeenlinnan ankkuri

Hämeenlinnan ankkuri is a community center for long-term unemployed individuals, young people without education or employment, immigrants, or anyone else in need of support in everyday life.

  • Rehabilitative work activities
  • Social rehabilitation
  • Work trial
  • Employment with wage subsidy

Life management and peer support

The unit offers various activity groups. Individual discussions are also available if needed.


Päivi Valkoniemi

Unit Supervisor

Transparent Button Rehabilitative work activities

Rehabilitative work activities can, at their best, serve as a pathway to employment or studies. Various daily tasks enable exploration of different fields.

Join us, and together we'll plan a pathway that suits your life

For all participants in work activities, an assessment of their life situation and work capacity (and skills) is conducted, and an action and goal plan is drawn up. The plan outlines the individual’s rehabilitation pathway as a whole. The implementation of the plan is regularly monitored, and it is adjusted and refined as needed.

The content of the work activities is tailored to the individual’s work and functional capacity. The need for changes to the individual work plan is continuously monitored according to the client’s functional capacity, goals, and preferences. The work tasks are customized individually. The main goal is vocational rehabilitation and planning for possible further pathways.

Work activities provide structure to everyday life

Work activities support individuals in finding ways to improve their daily lives and self-management. Work activities create a regular daily rhythm and support sobriety.

Rehabilitative work activities consist of various elements that are tailored to meet the needs of each participant. Each client has their own personal counselor with whom the program is developed. The content of the program largely revolves around actual work tasks. This is supplemented by individual and group counseling, peer support, and various activities. Everyone participating in rehabilitative work activities also has the opportunity to have individual discussions with their counselor and to participate in groups organized at the Anchor.

Introductory visits are possible!

Participants enter rehabilitative work activities in periods of at least 3 months. The work hours are a minimum of 4 hours per day, 1-4 days per week. Work activities take place from 9 am to 1 pm.

Daily schedule

09.00 – 10.00

09.30 – 10.00
optional morning briefing

09.30 – 10.30
opportunity for individual discussions

10.30 – 12.30
activity groups or small everyday tasks

12.30 – 13.00
free lunch for participants in work activities / groups

9.00 – 10.00

9.30 – 10.00

9.30 – 10.30

10.30 – 12.30

12.30 – 13.00


optional morning briefing

opportunity for individual discussions

activity groups or small everyday tasks

free lunch for participants in work activities / groups

Various work tasks

  • bicycle maintenance and repair
  • maintaining own properties and outdoor areas
  • making coffee and tea
  • preparing and setting up a shared breakfast and lunch
  • dishwashing
  • various transportation tasks
  • daily cleaning and laundry service
  • designing advertisements
  • practicing social media communication
  • photography and writing
  • small woodworking tasks
  • surface renovations
  • upcycling products from items in the recycling store (textiles, dishes, etc.)
  • also involves drawing, photography, and writing as aids

Various tasks in the recycling store

  • customer service in the store and cashier work
  • pricing of goods in the recycling store
  • pick-up and delivery of store merchandise
  • sorting of donated items (dishes, clothes, decorative items, etc.)
  • cleaning and laundry service for the store
  • window and store decoration
  • arrangement of products on display

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Anne Da Silva

Head Supervisor

Leena Haapio-Lahdenperä


Transparent Button Recycling store Wanhakierto

Welcome to an environmentally friendly and budget-friendly shopping trip filled with joy.

In our recycling store, we sell well-maintained furniture, as well as clothing, shoes, household textiles, and miscellaneous items.

The proceeds support the activities of Samaria RF.

We gratefully accept donations

We accept donations of good-quality furniture, clothing (including shoes, accessories, and bags), household textiles, and small items.


Opening Hours

Mon – Thu


10.00 – 15.00

10.00 – 13.00

Mon – Thu
10.00 – 15.00

10.00 – 13.00

Transparent Button Arkki study path

Through creative and motivating studies, a new opportunity arises

What? Learning by completing parts of vocational qualifications through practical experience, rehabilitation work activities, work trials, or supported employment.

How? Learning takes place in a practical and holistic manner with comprehensive life skills support.

Where? It’s not a separate project but a bonus card for work activities aimed at integrating into the normal operations of Samaria units.

The acquired skills are assessed through demonstrations, after which a certificate of completion for the respective qualification part or the entire qualification is awarded.

There are no separate application periods; participation is ongoing based on availability. The training program is tailored individually according to the ‘buffet’ principle.

Opportunity to complete parts of qualifications or entire qualifications.

Taitotalo as a partner

enabling the path to accreditation one module at a time, for example, in the following fields:

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Päivi Valkoniemi


Päivi Valkoniemi

Unit Supervisor