At Samaria, we offer rental apartments in the capital region (Helsinki, Vantaa, Espoo), as well as in Hämeenlinna and Porvoo. In Porvoo, we also provide supported housing services.

We also offer supported housing for victims of human trafficking who are in need of supportive housing services. (Rose project)

Samaria Home is a substance-free residential service unit providing cozy housing services in Porvoo.

Guesthouse Noark offers affordable accommodation for travelers and, if necessary, temporary/emergency accommodation in Porvoo.

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Cozy housing service in Porvoo


Samaria Home is a substance-free residential service unit for substance abuse treatment. The unit is intended for homeless individuals whose ability to live independently has diminished.
The home fosters a communal living environment, where residents voluntarily participate in household responsibilities according to their abilities and skills.
A personalized service plan is created for each resident, taking into account their personality and needs
We support the establishment and maintenance of constructive social relationships, as well as achieving financial balance, for example, by guiding debt restructuring or other debt management arrangements.
As rehabilitation progresses, we work together with the resident and referring party to build pathways to rehabilitative work activities, education, employment, supported housing, or independent living.

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Ismo Valkoniemi

Executive Director


Anne Da Silva

Responsible tutor

Helsinki, Vantaa, Espoo

Päivi Valkoniemi

Deputy Executive Director

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NOTE! THE GUESTHOUSE IS NOT OPEN YET, the opening was delayed, hopefully we will be able to open in August!

Guesthouse Noark offers affordable bed and breakfast accommodation for travelers and, if needed, temporary lodging in Porvoo.

49 EUR per night for 1 person
69 EUR per night for 2 persons
includes breakfast

For multiple guests or longer stays, please request a quote!

Guesthouse Noark is located approximately 5 km from the center of Porvoo. Our charming two-story guesthouse can accommodate up to 30 people. We provide cozy hostel-style accommodation in 1-2 person rooms, with options available for family stays as well. Shared toilet and shower facilities, as well as common lounge areas, are available. Enjoy our idyllic garden sauna with a fireplace room and terrace, along with a children’s playground and barbecue area in the garden. We also offer separate meeting facilities for up to 50 people. Companies can arrange events such as staff days with us. Feel free to inquire for more information!

A plentiful breakfast is served Monday to Friday from 7 am to 10 am, and on weekends from 7 am to 11 am. You can also avail yourself of discount coupons for our Noark Café lunch café, located approximately 3 km from the guesthouse.

Ask for more information and request a quote